Horsham, PA
Pharmaceutical / Biotech

RPA Engineering completed the engineering and design for a new 145,000 square foot GMP & Cold Storage facility. Our team provided comprehensive services from the initial masterplan to detailed design for construction.

Project Highlights

Greenfield Site Development: The project involved the engineering and design of a new building on a previously undeveloped site.

Masterplan and Future Expansion: The masterplan encompassed the initial 65,000 square foot facility plus an additional 80,000 square foot expansion to be built in the future.

Comprehensive Design Services: RPA Engineering provided a full range of services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), and fire protection design, from infrastructure planning, and incoming utility services coordination to detailed construction drawings.

Focus on GMP and Cold Storage Needs

The design prioritized the specific requirements of a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) warehouse and cold storage facility.

Redundancy Systems: Critical environmentally controlled areas like secondary packaging area, warehouse high-bay storage, and cold/freezer storage have mechanical redundant equipment employed to ensure operational continuity. The entire building employs a standby generator with 96-hour runtime for the entire building.

Temperature-Controlled Storage: The design includes dedicated systems for various cold storage needs, such as high-bay rack storage, cold box storage, and freezer storage.

High Bay Rack Storage Considerations

To ensure complete functionality and safety, the project identified dedicated space for  high bay rack storage with expanded plastics and employment of ESFR sprinkler systems supplemented with a fire pump room.

Standby Power Systems: The design incorporates reliable backup power to maintain operations in case of a power outage.

Fire Protection Systems: A comprehensive fire protection system, including a new fire pump, safeguards the entire building including support spaces, high-bay rack storage and cold/freezer storage areas.

RPA Engineering’s expertise in MEP design and its understanding of GMP and cold/freezer storage requirements were instrumental in delivering a successful project. This new facility provides a state-of-the-art space to meet the specific needs of the Owner, and equally important, the Owner’s customers.

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