DOD Contractor – Confidential Client

DOD Contractor – Confidential Client
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Production Space Renovation for Semiconductor Manufacturer

RPA Engineering led the renovation of an existing production space to accommodate a new semiconductor manufacturing process. This project involved a range of engineering disciplines to ensure a safe and functional environment for the new equipment.

Key Designs

HVAC and Process Piping: RPA designed new HVAC systems as well as process piping to meet the specific needs of the new semiconductor manufacturing reactors.

Lighting and Fire Safety: New lighting and fire alarms systems were installed to provide adequate illumination and to meet all safety codes and regulations for the manufacturing space and detection of hazards.  Fire protection systems under weather canopies were upgraded to meet the new hazard.

Flammable Liquid Storage: The project decommissioned an existing flammable liquid storage tank and added a new flammable liquid waste tank to safely store waste materials generated during the manufacturing process.

Gas Management: The project included the design of exterior gas cabinets for source materials. New exhaust fans were installed to remove fumes and contaminants from both the interior and exterior process locations in addition to a hazard area rated exhaust fan employed for leak dilution.

Electrical Safety and Gas Flow Analysis: Our engineers conducted an electrical hazard area analysis to identify and mitigate any potential electrical hazards associated with the new equipment. We confirmed the flow rates of process vent gases via ideal standards and industry standard engineering formulas, ensuring that the venting system included adequate inert gas dilution suitably handles process gas vent flows during manufacturing.

With our expertise in various engineering disciplines, we ensured the successful renovation of the production space. Our ability to design and integrate a variety of systems resulted in an optimal production space for the client’s new semiconductor manufacturing process.  This is inclusive of interior space and exterior space (source chemical and waste storage) focus.

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