Women in STEM: Marcia Tutak

Women in STEM: Marcia Tutak

Women in STEM is a series of posts highlighting the women who work in STEM at RPA. This post profiles Marcia Tutak, Senior Mechanical Designer.

Marcia Tutak is a Senior Mechanical Designer. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences and minored in Mathematics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During her time there, she worked in the Engineering and Construction Department. 

As a senior mechanical designer, Marcia works both in the field and the office. In the field, her role includes assessing current situations onsite to determine ways to implement designs. Her computer work involves modeling in Revit, drafting in AutoCAD, and reviewing shop drawings. 

Marcia’s favorite part of her job is working with design drawings. The most challenging part of her position is working with demanding project deliverables and deadlines. She strives to give her clients the best drawings and models!

Outside of work, Marcia enjoys spending time with her family doing outdoor activities. She enjoys hunting, kayaking, and taking her Challenger out. 

Marcia was inspired by her dad to enter the field of engineering. She did well in her math and science classes. In seventh grade, she enjoyed her shop classes. In high school, she attended Vo-Tech for Computer Aided Drafting. These classes inspired her to become a mechanical designer. 

Some advice that Marcia would give to a person considering a career in STEM is to work hard and go for it.

We are so grateful for Marcia’s contribution to the RPA Team!

For more information, contact us at info@rpaengr.com

Below are some photos of Marcia and her enjoying life outside of work!

Marcia with her family
Out kayaking!
Marcia enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing and kayaking
Marcia enjoys to taking her challenger out for a spin!

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