RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Structural Engineering

RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Structural Engineering

RPA Engineering offers a wide variety of structural engineering services across many industries and is currently licensed in 15 states. The team has a combined 136 years of experience performing a wide variety of structural services. These services include:

  • New Structure Design
  • Existing Structure Retrofit
  • Damaged Structure Repair
  • Existing Condition Analysis
  • 3D Scanning
  • Flood Control Barrier Analysis

The structural group operates in a variety of industries such as pharmaceuticals, power, industrial, food and beverage, government, and robotics and automation. 

RPA has many capabilities and specializations within the structural discipline. These specialties include experience with systems like GirderSlab, drilled mini piles, and GeoPiers. The team’s experience also extends to designing and maintaining foundations for heavy machines such as presses, rolling mills, large motors (both electric and diesel), and gearboxes. The team has also designed crane runways and assisted in the selection and specification of cranes for customers’ unique needs. Currently, the team provides support for ongoing engineering and drafting for cost estimates of spherical crane runway tieback systems. The team also supports the flood control barrier analysis to ensure the structural integrity of flood barriers. The structural department is also working on many other innovative projects to support its clients.

The structural department uses a variety of programs to support analyses and load studies. The typical software used for structural analysis includes the RISA suite, which is composed of RISA 3D, RISAFloor, RISAConnection, RISAFoundation, and RISASection. Additionally, for more specialized instances programs like SteelSmart and EnerCalc are used as well. Software like Revit and AutoCAD are also used for design and drafting purposes.

RPA’s structural service offerings provide unique end-to-end project support. Our team is capable of supporting all the needs for new and retrofitted facilities. The structural team works with other departments to provide efficiency in project support.

For more information on RPA’s structural group, contact info@rpaengr.com

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