RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Electrical Engineering, Power Systems Studies

RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Electrical Engineering, Power Systems Studies

RPA Engineering offers a variety of electrical engineering services across many industries and is currently licensed in 18 states. One of their many service offerings is power systems studies, which are often required for many facilities, regardless of industry.

Among the power systems studies RPA provides, there are many services offered by the group. These services include short-circuit analysis and device evaluation, overcurrent device coordination, electrical equipment protection, arc flash analysis, arc flash mitigation solutions, load flow analysis, motor starting analysis, generator and UPS sizing, power factor correction studies, grounding design, and harmonics analysis. A typical power systems study may include an evaluation of existing system conditions, identification of equipment which does not meet industry standards, recommendations for overcurrent protection, arc flash analysis, and on-site arc flash safety training.

RPA’s electrical team also has extensive experience with SKM PowerTools and ETAP PowerStation power analysis software programs. The team has also worked with EasyPower and EDSA Software.

RPA has performed Power Systems Studies for hospitals, airports, data centers, steel mills, power plants, oil refineries, concrete plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, universities, office buildings, along with many other commercial and industrial facilities. RPA also has experience working in facilities managing and upgrading older facilities to support new applications. They are ready to assist you with your next electrical services project!

If you or your company is interested in finding out more about RPA’s Power Systems Study capabilities, contact info@rpaengr.com.

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