Women in STEM: Tina Wise

Women in STEM: Tina Wise

Women in STEM is a series of posts highlighting the women who work in STEM at RPA. This post profiles Senior Structural Designer, Tina Wise.

Tina Wise is a Senior Structural Designer at RPA.  She has an Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology from Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. In her role, she builds 3-D models and produces drawings for clients that are used to build structures. Tina’s favorite part of her position is tackling unique challenges of each project. She also enjoys being an important part of the team on her projects. Her least favorite parts of the position involve managing deadlines, budgets, and time keeping. She enjoys the technical, challenging parts of her position!

Tina enjoys spending time cooking with fresh produce she shops for at Farmers Markets.
In her free time, Tina enjoys spending time selecting produce and ingredients at farmers markets and then experimenting with cooking them. She also enjoys backyard birding and walking outside in nature.
Rafting adventures!
Tina was inspired to pursue a career in STEM in high school when she enjoyed her drafting class and found she was good at it! She was also good with math. Her senior year in high school she worked as an intern doing drafting work and recognized her talent at the job!
Tina with her dog, Asia
One piece of advice that Tina gives to girls considering a career in STEM is “if you enjoy it, then do it. Be confident in yourself and don’t sell yourself short because you are a girl. Do not EVER listen to anyone who says ‘a girl can’t do that job.'” She also encourages mentorship and knowledge among women in STEM to help build confidence in the work that they do.
Tina enjoys spending time outdoors
Tina is a valued member of the RPA Team and we are grateful for all her contributions to the Structural Group!

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