Mechanical Engineering

Beyond Design: Building Success​

We understand the complex interplay between functionality, efficiency, and sustainability within the built environment. This understanding guides our mechanical engineering team’s collaborative approach, ensuring we work closely alongside our clients.

The Breadth of Our Capabilities

We offer a comprehensive suite of mechanical engineering services to cater to a wide range of projects and markets, including:

Building Comfort and Efficiency and Success

Our MEP engineering team creates mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design to provide innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs throughout your building’s life cycle. We specialize in a wide range of MEP systems for all businesses, from office spaces to complex environments like clean rooms, labs, and cooling towers in hospitals, research facilities, and specialized manufacturing. Our expertise goes beyond just design. We deliver a highly integrated approach, ensuring your MEP systems work seamlessly together, considering the environment, occupants, and your unique needs.

  • Mechanical Systems: HVAC design, building automation, plumbing & sanitation systems.
  • Electrical Systems: Power distribution, lighting design, low-voltage systems, & fire alarm systems.
  • Plumbing Systems: Water supply, drainage, sanitary waste disposal, & fixture selection.
  • Fire Protection Engineering services. Learn more. 
  • Energy Modeling & Analysis: Optimizing systems for energy efficiency & cost savings.
  • Building Code Compliance: Ensuring your project meets all relevant codes & regulations.
  • Construction Documentation & Support: Providing detailed drawings, specifications, & on-site consultations.

Invest in your future. Contact us to design a lasting, efficient space built to thrive.

Your peace of mind, built to code.

We understand the complex world of fire codes and regulations. Our dedicated fire protection engineers provide comprehensive fire safety solutions for facilities and operations of all sizes, and our collaborative approach delivers a fire protection system that meets your specific needs and provides the best value for your investment. We prioritize clear communication and efficient project management, so you’ll benefit from a smooth process, keeping your project on track and within budget. Your building’s safety is our priority.

  • Fire protection system design (sprinklers, alarms, suppression systems)
  • Fire hazard assessments
  • Fire code compliance reviews
  • Life safety egress planning
  • Smoke control system design

Let’s build a safer future, together.

Streamline Your Operations.

Unique system requirements create opportunities for our mechanical team to deliver innovative and reliable solutions that meet the critical demands of a facility. Our expert mechanical team serves clients’ needs for general piping and process design as well as specialty systems, including high-pressure piping, specialty gases, and compressed air systems. Using a collaborative and integrated approach results in custom designs that drive your success. We don’t just design piping systems, we design flow.

  • Specify piping system material, fittings, inline components
  • Orifice Leak Path & Asphyxiation Risk Assessment calculations
  • Fluid System Analysis using software such as AFT Fathom & AFT Arrow
  • Piping Stress Analysis using software such as CAEPIPE
  • Conduct Hazzard Area Classification Studies (HAC)
  • Wide range of fluid systems expertise: water, steam, condensate, natural gas, air, hydraulics, specialty gases (flammable, toxic, oxidizing, pyrophoric), & liquid nitrogen
  • Sectors we support: power generation plants, pharmaceutical processes, metals industry, manufacturing plants, food & beverage, & specialty gas facilities.

From concept to commissioning, we ensure your process piping system operates at peak performance.

Turning Ideas into Reality.

We are passionate about transforming innovative concepts into high-performing machines. Our team of experienced machine design engineers combine cutting-edge technology with practical expertise delivering custom machine design that meets your specific needs and exceeds expectations. We create solutions that go beyond machines, driving greater efficiency and productivity.

  • Machine design, equipment retrofits, weldments, material conveyance
  • Machine guarding & safety
    Pressure vessel & pipe support design
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Integration with Controls Department designs (robotics & automation)
  • Industrial System Design (Hydraulics, pneumatics, combustion, ventilation)
  • Onsite project engineering services & installation oversight

We engineer your vision for optimal performance.

Electrical Engineering

Powering Innovation

Our electrical engineering team provides safe, resilient, high-quality electrical systems using the latest methods and technologies, providing innovative solutions to both straight forward and complex projects. Whether it’s a power plant, a commercial building, or critical infrastructure, our electrical team works together to design and deliver custom solutions that keep our clients satisfied throughout the entire life cycle of their project and beyond. We don’t just design systems, we design possibilities.

  • Power System Studies & Calculations including short circuit, load flow, voltage drop, overcurrent device coordination & Arc-Flash using SKM & ETAP Software Programs
  • Protective Relay Calculations & Settings
  • Lighting Design Services: Indoor, Outdoor, Emergency
  • Emergency generators, transfer switches, fire pumps
  • New/Upgrades Utility Electric Services
  • Electrical Equipment & Construction Specifications
  • Construction Management including start-up & testing support
  • Energy Management
  • Comcheck Calculations

Controls & Systems Integration

Optimizing Your Operations.

In today’s complex world, optimizing performance and maximizing efficiency hinge on seamless systems integration. We prepare companies for advanced robotics, implementation of automation solutions, and integrating manufacturing process controls with a deep understanding of design processes, instrumentation and control systems, and engineering products that deliver practical design and peak performance. From replacing obsolete equipment and upgrading to the latest technologies, to engineering solutions for new equipment installations, our controls team is a trusted engineering partner, maximizing the client’s needs for successful operations.

  • Automation System Design and Programming (PLC, HMI, & SCADA)
    • Custom Automation Solutions
    • Obsolescence Migrations
  • Coordinated Motion Controls
    • AC Drives, DC Drives, Robotics, Servos
  • Industrial Communication Systems
  • Safety Automation
    • ISO-13849, IEC 62061, ANSI B11.19, TS15066
  • Total project lifecycle support (Concept Design through Startup & Commissioning)

Structural Engineering

Designing Your Vision. Solidly.

Our structural engineering team delivers our clients’ needs for functionality, form, and serviceability. With expertise in simple to complex structures, we ensure the quality of design and the reliability of built environments. Whether it’s a sturdy foundation, reliable utility support, or an efficient platform, our team designs innovative solutions for every stage of your project. We integrate seamlessly with other disciplines, optimizing project costs and ensuring client success.

  • New facilities
  • Restoration & expansion of existing facilities
  • Platforms
  • Foundations (shallow & deep)
  • Heavy equipment foundations
  • Utility support structures
  • Emergency support services 
  • We work with all structural materials:
    • steel (mild & stainless), concrete, masonry, wood, cold rolled steel & fiberglass

Commissioning, Qualification, Validation​

Confidence in Your Systems.

Commissioning, Qualification, Validation (CQV) provides our customers the confidence and assurance that their operational requirements are not only met but are reliable and deliver optimal performance. Our CQV team understands the facility requirements for our clients’ unique processes, proper installation and functionality of equipment, and consistent process quality. From laboratories to cold rooms to tank farms, our commissioning experience provides our clients with a comprehensive commissioning plan that delivers reliable, high-performing systems that maximize the client’s investment and ensures long-term success.

  • Develop SOP’s & WI’s
  • Develop User Requirement Specs (URS) & Functional Requirement Specs (FRS)
  • IQ and OQ writing & testing
  • Temperature mapping
  • GAP analysis
  • Environmental Mapping
  • Process Validation

Sustainable Design

We design solutions that are good for your business and the planet.

Forward-thinking companies around the world need seasoned experts who can implement sound energy-management strategies. Our mission is to be a sustainability partner for our clients, providing innovative solutions to meet both their sustainability goals as well as their operational needs. Our engineers provide collaborative and customized solutions that combine technical, operational, and management approaches that are unique to their operations. Working together, we turn our clients’ sustainability goals into profitable investments that benefit our communities.

  • LEED accredited professionals
  • Cogeneration/Energy Studies
  • Efficiency Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sustainability & Reliability Studies for GMP/Clean Spaces
  • Project-specific Sustainability Design

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