RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Mechanical Engineering, Process Piping

RPA Engineering Services: Exploring Mechanical Engineering, Process Piping

Piping is an integral part of any manufacturing facility. There are many complexities in designing a piping system, therefore it is critical to ensure that the piping is adequately designed to meet the needs of the facility. RPA provides a wide offering of mechanical services in the design of processes and process piping for a variety of industries not limited to industrial, power, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage. The needs of the client’s unique system are carefully considered when providing design recommendations on piping systems.

The process group at RPA provides design recommendations for equipment such as pumps, valves, expansion joints, and heat exchangers. Recommendations for equipment includes material, size, and design of the equipment. These recommendations take into consideration flow rates of materials, chemical interactions, temperature, and pressure of the material traveling through the pipe.

In addition to general piping and process design, RPA has also performed specialty work in the field. A recent project involved using guided wave radar (GWR) technology in power piping to ensure accurate measurements throughout the pipe. Another project the team completed managed piping acidic materials across a facility and ensured corrosion in the system would not occur. Other specialty systems have included hydraulic systems with operating pressures exceeding 6,000 psi, specialty gases, and compressed air systems.

The team uses a variety of software to ensure the success of their projects. These include design software like Revit and Plant 3D, pipe stress analysis software like CAEPIPE, and 3D design review software like Navisworks. These programs are used to ensure that the client’s needs are met by verifying that the new systems do not overlap or clash with the existing systems. Designs will also include 2D and 3D renderings of a system through isometric drawings and P&IDs. The group works closely with the client and other professionals within RPA to ensure success of the project and provide model walkthroughs of new designs for clients to aid in visualizing how a new system will be implemented.

RPA offers a variety of services in the design of processes, including piping and systems designs. We have expertise in systems for a wide variety of industries including industrial, power, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

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