Project Highlight: Industrial/Manufacturing

Project Highlight: Industrial/Manufacturing

Providing a smooth pathway through complex coordination

RPA Engineering provided full services to support an industrial/manufacturing client’s need for expanding their current VAR furnace capacity as well as additional building space to accommodate the furnace expansion. The project also required:

  • Electrical power upgrades
  • Furnace foundations and platforming
  • New water-cooling system
  • Control systems
  • Crucible storage and stripping station

The scope of this project – expanding our client’s already extensive melting system capabilities – called for RPA Engineering’s unique integrated engineering services that included Electrical, Controls, Mechanical, and Structural Engineering. Our Project Management team also provided overall project coordination, from planning to construction bidding and supervision.


Seamless Collaboration

The building expansion presented unique challenges as it would connect three operating bays. The integration of existing infrastructure required sophisticated and consistent coordination among the customer, the construction teams, the OEM, and multiple teams at RPA. Keeping production efficient and uninterrupted was a key metric to the project’s success.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

A project of this size and scope doesn’t come without its challenges, giving our team the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. To overcome construction complications, our team was able to continually assess the facility, identify problems, and provide solutions, not only to fix installation issues, but prevent serious delays to construction and production.


Our integrated services provided a smooth pathway through various challenges and complex coordination to keep construction efficient and maintain production demands. RPA’s quality design, project management, collaboration, and standards led to the successful design and management of the expansion of our client’s remelting capabilities.

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