Introducing Project Zero-C

Introducing Project Zero-C

Sustainability starts at home. At RPA Engineering we’re embarking on a bold plan to take accountability for our own operational carbon footprint. We are committed to sharing what we learn during our progress as we understand that from tough technical challenges, great innovations can be developed.

We are excited to announce Project Zero-C, our goal to reach zero carbon emissions for our Wyomissing, PA headquarters by September 2025.

The qualifications for this objective will be defined by the Department of Energy standards set to be released in January 2024 in order to be in alignment with defendable criteria set by the Federal Government.

We aim to truly reduce our carbon footprint. With such an aggressive challenge, it is important not only to be committed but also to be creative. Our goal to reach zero carbon emissions will also adopt a functional system approach that will include outside natural environmental criteria along with the needs and requirements of the occupants.

I’m excited about this endeavor for the Wyomissing office, for the team that we put together to make this happen, for the company, our community, and for our clients. The knowledge that we accumulate in our aggressive goal is going to be an extremely valuable resource to many of our clients who are looking to adopt sustainable operations.” – Richard P. Aulenbach III, CEO

RPA has a track record of partnering with clients to achieve sustainable operating solutions and we will continue to explore technology that positively contributes to combatting carbon emissions. At RPA, we are committed to driving development for further environmentally beneficial innovations using our own expertise. However, we will also collaborate with universities, sharing resources, knowledge, and a commitment to achieving sustainability goals.

We are excited to announce Project Zero-C because we hold ourselves to a high standard of not only doing things right but doing the right things. Our gained knowledge will not only create a more sustainable working environment for our own community but extend to our partners for a more sustainable community around the world.

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