RPA Engineering 2023 Annual Meeting

RPA Engineering 2023 Annual Meeting

RPA’s employees are united with the common goal of making our customers successful. With services in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Power, Industrial, Manufacturing, Building Systems, Food/Beverage, and Automation/Process Control industries, RPA builds strong customer relationships so our clients can reach their goals. Through these partnerships, RPA continues to grow in current and new markets while delivering the highest quality work.

This year’s Annual Meeting celebrated our last year’s accomplishments as well as the hard work and dedication of our valuable team. We continue to hire exceptional talent with a variety of expertise, allowing RPA to create agile and innovative solutions to complex problems. Because of our talented team, we’ve been able to expand our reach throughout the country while keeping to RPA’s core values, creating an enjoyable place for people to work and expand their careers.

Congratulations to the following employees for their years of service as valuable RPA team members. Thank you!!

5 Years
Will Hood (2020)
Paul Parise (2020)
Jon Belinski (2021)
Todd Woodworth (2022)
Adam Young (2022)
Mike Kulp (2023)

10 Years
Marcia Tutak (2020)
Alex Lee (2021)
Mark Link (2021)
Eric Roth (2022)
Paul Wolfinger (2022)
John Yuskovic (2022)
Rick III Aulenbach (2022)
Karl Bieber (2023)
Jeff Hartman (2023)

15 Years
Jon Becker (2020)
Mike Southwick (2020)
Cathy Glass (2021)
Melissa Paar (2022)

25 Years
Brian Marshall (2020)
John Weinheimer (2021)
Sue Marshall (2022)
Mike Eshbach (2023)

20 Years
Barb Farrelly (2020)

30 Years
Laurie Distasio (2021)

Spotlight Award
Patrick Kauffman
Robert Aldinger

Core Value Awards
Innovation: Maclean Smith and Candice Flitsch
Quality: Tina Wise
Fun: Kianna Funk
Integrity: Rob Chesko and Dave Horton

President’s Award
Mike Southwick

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